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Thanks for the big Yamamotos, Hook-up!

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With all this talk about big baits for big fish, figured I would post. I was placing an order with John a week or so ago when I asked him "Whats the biggest worm you got?" He said he had the new Yammamoto 12" CT's so I had him toss a bag of them in Green Pumpkin/copper & purple flake. Sure wish I got 3-4 bags because I ran right thru that bag today. First fish of the day was 12", then I fired back, got bit, and broke a monster off on the hookset. End of the day I stuck a 5.14 that would be a low 7 during the spawn. Pics to come once I take a nap. Those worms are killer, and hold up fairly well, I managed 3-4 fish per worm. Side note is they woudnt touch the 10" cut tail, they only wanted the curly tail. THROW THE BIG WORMS!
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and here we go

Here she is. I couldnt believe the scale said 5.14, she is built much bigger. I would say a low 7 when she is fully loaded in the spring. Once again guys, throw the bigger worms, I caught probably 15 fish on the five 12 inch curly tails I had, and a lot of them were 12-14 inch fish. This is just a bonus.
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nice fish dude. I,ve never reallly fished the big worms, but got some Zoom Mag IIs that I'm gonna try tomorrow night. We'll see what happens....
Nice fish! Congrats.
JasonR great fish dude, thx for the nice senko review.

By the way got my first fish on that 1000, nice...! Thanks again for the great deal on the reels.
janet say's she like's your jamie pants ............ :Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
Nice fish but I don't know about those shorts. :riaa:
Nice fish man. All these storys about BIG WORM makes me go out and buy some but never seem to throw them.
the hat is lame but it keeps the sun away! i dont wear it in public though.:eek:
the hat is lame but it keeps the sun away! i dont wear it in public though.:eek:
In Public???? Where are you fishing in a bubble that no one else has access to??
Kinda! We were the only boat there. Hey to make matters worse, I rock a fanny pack when I fish tournaments. I laugh to myself when we win money...."Haha you just lost to a guy wearing a fanny pack and boonie hat" least I am trying to smile in the picture.
Nice fish Jason! Thanks for sharing the report and great pic!
Nice Jason. We need to fish together again when you come out here!
Has anyone ever told you that you are one goofy looking MOFO? :Iconrotfl

Nice fish BTW...
I actually get it all the time, but the fish like me. Next time I fish I will try to look a little cooler for you guys. If possible. :lol:
that is healthy looking, big head and big shoulders,... nice fish
As it heated up you must have taken off the round red nose, yellow suspenders and the big red shoes but left that pants on. Thanks for the fish pic.
dude, fuk the worms... where can i get some of them shorts?
dude, fuk the worms... where can i get some of them shorts?
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