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Thanks Hook-up, and a story

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So last Friday, while on the 11 hour drive up to Erie, I had time to think about fishing. So I called Ben at the Hook-up, and ordered some of those punch skirts. Box showed up yesterday. Rigged up the black and blue one on 1/4 oz tungsten weight with a black and blue zipper worm. BOO YAH! Its been a tough bite on the local lake but I stick a solid 2.5 fish, pitchin. Picture later, not now. Anyways, if you havent tried those things, they are cool. Just something different, ya know?
Also came face to face with a 4' water mocassin. I was cruising the bank, tm on 1, casting a crank. Looked over my shoulder and there he is, 3' from the tm. Of course, I left the gun at home, thinking the cooler weather would make them go away. I thought way wrong. I hit reverse, but he is gaining on me, looking me in the eye. I yelled F YOU! and kneeled down to put the TM on 4, wondering if they can strike from the water. I bet they can. By then he was a foot away. Of course I was using my 7' light action crank rod but I whacked the crap out of him anyways and he went under the boat. Man I was shaking for about 4 minutes. Not fun. I "will never leave the pad without packin a gun" again.
So later, I am cruising down the lake and spot a good lookin area. Bank drops to 9' right off and has planted brush. I cast a DLN around, pull thru the brush....wait, there is weight on there! I swing and the weight is still there, but feels like life. I reel, for all my 12lb line is worth. No fight just weight. I get closer to the boat and there is the headshake. And I see color. This fish is easily 6 maybe 6.5. She pulls hard once and pop. Only thing I can figure is I pulled into her brushpile, she watched me get hung up, ate it, then I was reeling in her and a piece of brush, then she shook that, shook her head, and the bald guy in the tracker got owned. Oh well. I stopped off at wal mart and bought three more of those cranks. Taking Jo Ann out tomorrow, so maybe another long story to come.
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Jason, some of those water mocassins are mean and aggressive. I had a 4-5 footer try to get in my boat on Okeechobee. It came up right alongside my boat and made a move to come over the side of my boat so I wacked it on the head with my push-pole! It dazed the water mocassin.

There was a guide boat I was talking to and he told me the snake went under his boat and was heading toward mine. He that came over to assist me (he witnessed a water mocassin bite a guy the week before and he took him to the hospital) and told me to pick the dazed snake up with my push-poll and let him snag it with his heavy action worm rod and worm hook. So I picked the snake up with my push-pole, he snagged it and used his paddle to beat the crap out of the snake, finally killing it.

That snake was ugly and apparently was well fed as it was real fat in its mid-section.
yeah if I wasnt paying attention, he could have went up the TM shaft. I would have had to dive over the side if that happened. I had one go after me in MS and it is scary. all snakes will be fired upon from this day forward. gun is already loaded and ready to be put in the truck for tomorrow.
great report and snakes suck. I had a frickn wasp fly up my swimsuit and sting me on the thigh today on Rosey. I'll take that anyday over a snake attack!

I have a sawed off 12 Ga. shotgun/ snake charmer in the boat. I'll start practing on wasps now....
"Gas Money" (I think) skirt and a zipper worm...sorry it took so long to post

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