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The future of america

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Are you freakin kidding me. Kill that kid now, so he cant do worse later. "its fun to do bad stuff" What the hell is that? and no video games for the weekend as punishment. Welcome to the ghetto right....
Future leaders of the world my ass. I hope the world does come to an end on Dec 12th 2012.

This video game generation is a joke, and the fuking idiot parents let it happen because it's easier than being a REAL parent.
Hell I say give that kid to his Grandma and then everyone turn there backs and walk off. That old lady had the right idea. Beat his a$$ raw granny and then see if he wants to drive your car again. I bet he would have second thoughts about doing that again. Then when she is done she can take it up with the kids mother and kick her ass too.
+1... Beat his @$$. Whatever happened to making the kid go out and "Cut a Switch" you know the one that the parent uses on the kids butt. And no I am not advocating child abuse but a few well placed whacks on the hind end never permanently hurt anyone.
His a** should have been beat a long time ago to prevent this tipical wellfare family mabe if he had a father with a job any one see a dad there probably didnt show up because he has a warant
The biggest failure in society today is the lost art of the ASS whoopin. The time out corner is a fuking joke.
lol " I wanted to do hood rat stuff with my friend"
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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