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My damn legs look like I have Leoprosy (sp?) Right at dark it sounded like a damn high voltage wire above us...nope just the skeeters so I dug into the the glovebox to find all the repelant gone so I toughed it out. I couldnt go in we were slaying those little Bass and Crappie. Now I am paying the price. (not that you didnt know this) make sure you bring repelent (or make sure the can works) if your gonna go fish up river in Bartlett. Once we came out into the main lake it wasnt too bad. I may be the first human to contact West Nile here in AZ.
Boat Cop I saw the Cat up there (with two kittens)roaming the west shoreline up past the first hard left turn once in the river,,,,just an FYI
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