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The new big Yammamoto worms?

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Got a pack of the CT and ST big worms from the hook up and WOW! Cant wait to try them. Anyone fish them yet? Yesterday I caught a six inch fish on a nine inch worm, so maybe I can upgrade to a 12" fish with these. For you night fishermen, they should ROCK.
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what ones are they,they on hook ups site Plastics&Manufacturer=Roboworm&Product=Robo-X Robotail i like theese better,
yeah the 12'' work but dont have that much action. You need to try the fat bass 16'' worm there sweet and has really good action. You have to wait about 7 seconds before hook up.
7.5 isnt too big,now a 9-12 or even 16ich worm is way too big,i throw my 7.5 robo rails on my 7ft mh st croix mojo,works great
Big bait big fish those 16in worms work great at rosy
fished the new yamamoto 12 inch worms saturday night at Rosey and caught some decent fish. The biggest complaint was that after catching one fish and they are history. also, on the ribbon tails, fish seemed to bite the tail more than the head (probably smaller bass)...
yeah I could kind of tell that when I was checking them out. one fish and done. Or one little tail biter and the CT is ruined. Oh well, if they work, they work.
NOT a fan of the way they are packaged though. I dont like fishing kinked baits.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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