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Man,what a great turn out and support by everyone.We all made it happen.I hope they have a few more of these each year,according to there questionaire,they might.Even some of the "west's best" were there.I like the idea of " NO DEAD FISH "can be weighed in.It may help in honest weigh-ins,and fisherman may pay more attention to there fish.Sometimes fish just die,that does happen.I had to use Stay Alive yesterday to help our big fish out and that stuff really works.Spend the xtra $6,it just might get you check.Again Great Job Bill Luke Dodge and Tempe Marine,(and our cook "Randy"),for a great tourny,Let's Do It Again!!!

Splitshot. That was a great tourny and ran extreamly well.
for the amount of people everything went fast.

Kurt and I pulled up about 5:15 figured with 120 boats there would be a line a mile long just for registration. we walked up signed and and was on our way in less than 5 mins.

heading to the launch ramp turned the corner and it looked like Christmas on the water with all the boats at that time we heard about 150 boats we drew boat number 156 Ouch.

on the water someone said 160 boats.

we launched and started fishing

with that many people on the lake there were plenty of spots to still fish and they had fish on them.

time for weigh-in
kurt noticed that the weigh-in was at the north ramp next the bar(on the ticket)
I was thinking its going to be a nightmare it wasnt they had plenty of dock space. while the walk was kinda long. it worked out perfectly. you didnt have to wait in line(we were last flight).

we weighed in then headed to the south ramp to get the boat( I liked that much better. there was no hurry to get o the top for the weigh-in.

we got to the top talked to a few friends, ate and sat down under a few boats in the grass. waiting for the results.

The results were pretty fast as well for 175 boats.

they started from 1st place which I thought wasnt a good idea but turned out to be a great idea. made people stick around more.

I still had to leave but wish I could have stayed.

These guys threw an excellent tourny, would like to see more of them. The payout was fantastic.

on the water with that many boats there were only a few pricks out there, could have been worse. I love it when these guys cut people off and fish with in 10 feet of you. its even funner when you pull fish out from behind them.

We saw probally 5 boats fish this one spot, its funny to watch people fish sometimes( i am sure they were laughing at me for casting like a girl as well)

mos people on the water that wanted to get by us asked and were real polite( they didnt even cast as they went by) a few others thought they were the best and casted in the same spots.

we went by one guy and asked if we could he said no problem, we fished the area and left, as we were leaving he made a cast and the wind took it over a bush bam he got hit and it was a decent fish. ( it was a pretty cool site to see) I didnt think he would get it in the boat , seeings how he was all tangled in the bush's but he did( nice job).

We were fishing one cove and a friend of mine was in there. he must have been getting hit pretty good cause hit worms were all over that cove.(he did tell us he was catching alot of rats) we found those worms everywhere. it was funny later in the day as well we pull into another spot and his worms were there also. even more funny when we pulled into another spot and his worms were floating there as well.

To all The people and sponsors who made this event what it was NICE JOB on everything


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Del, thanks for the post. It's interesting to read how things are going in these big tournaments. 175 boats is a lot of boats. Roughly how many pounds of fish did it take to win the tournament? Was it a boat tourney or individual? Was it a 5-fish limit? Thanks.

A little over 10 lbs won it.
it paid $1000 down to 26th or 27th place, then some nice prize's after that.
It was a team event.
5 fish limit
No dead fish allowed to be weighed in. Which turned out to be a good thing cause I heard people saying( are the fish still alive). you would see people checking on there fish all the time.

I dont know what the confirmed amount of boats were I heard 175 from either Steve or John.


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