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Thefts at 4 lane?

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Hey guys, I am going out to Plez next Friday night and I was going to put in at the 4 lane ramp. I was wondering if you think my truck will be safe while I fish. I was planning on getting there a little before dark and fishing till the morning. Have any of you done this? I like to use the 4 lane because I have a small, slow boat and the drive to the northern coves is a very long one from the marinas. Anyone had any bad experiences? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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they fixed the two burned out lights at the ramp this week butttttttttt the parking lot is quite dark, I know Turtle Soup goes out of that area sunday nights and I never heard of him commenting on problems, I have not seen any broken glass in the parking lot lately (like window glass)
I am out there almost every week and I have never had problems with my truck out there. SOmetimes I even forget to lock it. You will be fine. There's always trucks in that parking lot.
+1 if you get there early enough you may be able to park just to the north of the ramp real close
I always fish overnight out of the 4 lane ramp. Never had or seen any problems.
sweet! thanks guys. I always fish there but i've never been out for a long time at night and i know how dark that parking lot is. But you have all eased my worries. Thanks again.
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