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Thinking ahead for SCF 2010

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I just looked at the moon phases calender for next April. It looks like there will be a new moon on 14th which is a Wed. So should we do SCF on the weekend before (9th, 10th and 11th) or the weekend after (16th, 17th and 18th)? It looks like Easter is on the 4th so it not a factor.
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16th, 17th, 18th works for me. can not make it on the 10th (wifes b-day)
I like that weekend better as well, less moon out.
geeeeeeeze don't even know if I will be alive next april!!!!!! still have to survive this miserable summer and then the winter!!!!!! what ever date sounds good, full moons tend to push the males up for love but if we go into a drought who knows what level rosy will be at and if it warms up they could be pretty much done by april?
geeeeeeeze don't even know if I will be alive next april!!!!!!

whatever you guys think - I won't make the fall trip (in Vegas with friends from CO) and Sherri's surgery kept me from the spring trip (no complaints there - just the facts) - you guys might not even remember me by next spring :biggrin:
Serious? I was thinking March might be better as well.
Piscolli why are you thinking so much, I have a headache!! LOL, whatever date sound good but you have to guarantee good weather!!

who is that whatagearhead guy??
Don't now how many members are nascar fans but the Subway 500 is April 17th at PIR.

A few of my friends who have attended previous years SCF with me like watching guys driving in circles making only left turns. They, however, put nascar before Crappie fishing - which is just WRONG in my opinion!

Any chance we can avoid nascar weekend.....:biggrin:

Anytime is good for me, stop thinking so much Bill, you'll blow a gasket or something. :CrackHead:
March 13th or 20th. it will still be nice a cool. Maybe rain like some of our past events. How fun.
Everyone seems up for anytime but I think late April is a bit late not that I can catch one of those boogers.
March 13 is Otis Campbell day!!!

March 20th, is national potato week!!!
Otis Campbell day is my vote
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