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This weekend is going to suck

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Cause everything went perfect today.
It didnt make any difference what I threw I caught fish.
out of the 30 or so fish in the boat only about 1/2 dozen were under 13 inches. had one that went easy 3lbs and a bunch of 2's.

Now I know what you are thinking, he fished all his spots and out fished them nope didnt even goto one of my spots all day. every spot I tried today I have never fished before as long as I have been fishing pleasant.
I ran 30-35 gals of gas in that boat today and didnt stay in the same place for more than 2 fish or 10-20 mins....

One fish I broke off at the boat and took my bait with it, the fish was thrashing on the water trying to shake it out so I tried to net if for 15-30 mins. no go so I left, about 45 mins later some guy from sun city in an alum boat and his buddy pulled up to my boat and asked me if I was the one who lost the big bass in such and such a cove. I said yes, he asked what I was using . I told him, then he handed me my bait back and said he let the bass go. seems the bass got it lodged in his mouth and couldnt close it, so it made easy netting for him he said.

then to top it off I caught this huge ass striper on one of my 7" worms while reeling it in for another cast in 50 feet of water.
I just reached into my pocket to grab a cigerette and bam the pole went flying out of my hand and down the deck, since the trolling motor was on hi I thought I snagged a tree.

I got it weighed by 2 people on the lake one scale is 7.5lbs the other was 9.4lbs.
The first guy who weighed it said they caught a bunch of stripers where I was but they were small.
one of the best days I have had on that lake in a long time, mainly due to the fact I caught all these fish on almost everytype of bait in my box ... from topwater to jigs.
Da after you and I talked I stuck a 14" with a jig.


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Nice! good job Del I hope this is a sign that Pleasant is making a rebound, what do you think :lol:
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