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This weekend

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Me, Hawk and Repo will be at the Bobcat ramp around 6 am. We're going up Friday night and camping in the Coati area. We might stay Saturday night as well.
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Repo probably has the best chance of catching some fish.
Repo probably has the best chance of catching some fish.
And, him and Lil Crow.
I hooked up with Fishless and got some of his DuPont baits :lol: just look for the 50' water spouts
We'll be up for the meeting and then spending Sat. night. Gonna put the green lights out!
Man, it should be a great weekend!
Billy, be careful dropped one of those damn things in the boat after I lit it hell of a scramble.

if game and fish sees you and comes up to write you a citation just light one up and throw it to him and ask if he is going to talk or fish!!!!!!!!!

buddy that lives in tonto basin said it was rocking with storms last night but looks like they are supposed to dimish toward the weekend, wait crappie club get together!!!!!!!!! oh no, bring a rain suit!!!!!!!!
I can't make it up this weekend - sorry guys
Change of plans! Hawk and I are leaving about 4 pm tomorrow.
Sorry I didn't make it Saturday. Friday was my birthday and my brother and sister in law came over late. A few Jack and Coke's later and it was obvious fishing was out of the picture.

So, how did it go? Did you guys who fished fill your boats with slabs?
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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