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Time to Sign Up - Yuma Pro Am - August

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Ok guys. Please get down to Sportsmen's Hide-A-Way and get signed up for the next Yuma Pro Am.

If you can't get down to Sportsmen's mail your entry to me. My address is on the contact page of the Yuma Pro Am website.

Get it in the mail TODAY: If you do not get it mailed to me today it may not reach me before the tournament.

We will be launching out of Fisher's Landing at about 5:30am. Please have your boat in the water and ready to fish by 5:10. If the sky is clear, the light is good, and everybody is ready I may let you guys go a few minutes earlier.

BOATERS: It is important that you fish if you want to continue to support bringing new people into tournament angling. We need to be able to brag that we have a couple open backseats at every tournament. This make people feel more comfortable signing up and trying our style of angling. The last thing a new person needs is the anxiety of not knowing if there will be enough boats for them to be able to fish. In three and a half years wer have not left anybody on the bank, but I have had to make phone calls, ask amateurs who were not ready yet fish out of their own boats, and even a couple times loan out my little boat. Please, Lets try to always have a good showing of boaters at each of your tournaments, and always have a couple open back seats. Please get signed up early.

NONBOATERS: Please get signed up early. The rules are in place to favor those who really want to fish and commit to be there. Waiting until the last minute is the one thing almost guaranteed to eventually leave somebody who wants to fish sitting on the bank.

Angler of the Year: The points race is hot. There are three or four who have a good shot for the Pro Angler of the Year, but a bad tournament, broke boat, or missed tournament could upset everything. Currently Craig Johnson and Billy Skinner are tied before the throw out, and even after the throw out they are only a couple points apart. On the amateur side there are even more anglers fighting for the top spot with the big race looking like its between Mike Meza and Kalib Lund. However if either of them slacks off there are several other anglers within a good tournament finish of catching them.

Weigh In: Tentatively weigh in will be at 2:00 PM. Yes its still hot, but the temperature seems to have broken. Weigh in may be set earlier at launch time if the temps creep back up to full summer levels.

Be Careful: No fish is worth heat stroke. Make sure you have plenty of water and maybe a high carb snack or two in your boat. Temps may have broken, but its still hot enough out there to kill you. If you feel thirsty you are already starting to get dehydrated. Drink water often through out the day before you start to feel thirsty. If you run out of water... HEAD IN IMMEDIATELY. You are most certainly experiencing dehydraton.
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I was just down at Sportsmen's to put my name on the list, and I noticed there were atleast a couple brand new anglers already signed up who have never fished with us before. Welcome guys.
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