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Also today, we failed to mention that a car had rolled over on Bush Highway, We almost hit a woman standing in the street that was stopped due to the accident. The guy behind us had to go into the left lane to miss us. We had to wait quite a while. They got the tow truck un-stuck. Then we had the Rippinlips Emergency. Who would think blood would smell like rum. Last but not least, Toad found a wallet when he went to get the truck/trailer. We were going to drop it off at the ranger station, but can you imagine, it was empty. Well our next option was to call the guy, but he had an unlisted number. Then we found a couple of phone numbers. I talked to Michelle. She sounded nice enough but she advised me they had been dating, but had split up. She told me he was an asshole and to throw the phone number away!! I can only guess he was wakeboarding at Saguaro, there was no fishing license in the wallet.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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