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tonto pass

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Any gas stations on pima rd. sell passes?
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Try the store/gas station that is just west of Pima on Pinnacle Peak...Can't miss it on the South side of road...
whaaaaaatssss uuuup!!!!

Georgie been waiting for you too show us how to get em!!! So you sure thats were to get them there? Give me a holler when your ready?
They have them there lou. There is a sign on the front door. Any of the cicrle k's have them on cave creek also. You going to Bartlett?
Whats up dude haven't seen you at the pond lately? They have a sign in the entrance that states no motorized vechicles pass this point. U.S Land management patrols there now. How you do at jackaz tourney?
We stuck a couple of overs but couldn't get rid of 2 small unders. I think we had 9 and some change. One of the overs was like fourth biggest fish but we just couldn't put the rest of the puzzle together. Maybe next time.

Hey Louie,

May go out next weekend. I have a photo shoot with my Predator Baseball team around noon on Saturday...

I have not been called Georgie in a long time!LOL
Your the man jor-hey!! Give me a buzz this weekend Pal.:biggrin:
Jaronk that's cool, yeah maybe next time. That's a good deal on how they have am tourneys.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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