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I think honest mistakes do happen and sometimes the best laid plans go bad as we all know......I was at a weigh in one time where I was certain that the wrong person was given the big fish prize. I think what happened was that the second biggest fish got the first prize because the total bag weight was written down in the wrong spot which was the big fish weight. The other bag did have a pretty big fish and one small fish so no one really noticed except the guy who had the big fish but he did not realized there was a problem until after both parties had released there fish. I saw the fish in both bags and I was sure that there had to have been a mistake made. I really believe that an honest mistake was made and that it was not intentional. It taught me that I need to get a good scale on my boat so that I can weigh my own fish before going up to the weigh in. That way I can know within an ounce or two what the weight should be. Chances are it will never happen but who knows it might save me a bundle sometimes...besides it is nice to have a good scale to be able to weigh the occassional wopper when I am fun fishing or when some fisherman catches a big one and wants to weigh it before letting it go.
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