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Looking for a seasoned tourney angler for the 2004 season in AZ. I have my own boat ( Gambler) would perfer you would too for pre fishing. To be honest I am stumbling in AZ. But doing very well in Ca. Have done well in Wi.,Mn.,Ill,Ia., Ms., ND. SD . I am fairly new to AZ and can't find a partner. I have a kinda run and gun style but can camp out if i'm sure the fish are there. I'm new to drop shotting... not used in the midwest. but have several styles that aren't used here in the west,that work very good in Ca. I don't mind if I'm in the back of the boat so I don't care if we use your boat or mine. Mine is a 209 Gambler with at 225 efi pro max (Diamond Marine reworked) I am available to fish at all times (self employed), I'm 45 years old, I travel across the country bassfishing tourneys, Best part of all I'm ALWAYS on time.
You can reach me at [email protected]

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I know a few guys looking for partners. They mainly fish in phoenix though.

give it a week people will start sending you email

Welcome to AZ



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I have heard the walleye fishing is OK at show low lake .I don't know I just fish for bass. Just got back from fishing the delta in Ca. took a first and a fifth In the tracy Oasis circut. Qualified for the TOC. Going back in Jan to try Anglers choice, Maybe in AZ. San Carlos is about two hours away,never fished it. Heard its almost dry. Looking for someone who wants to fish a AZ. Circut?no night tourneys. Anglers choice might make a surprise appearence in the Valley lakes, Talked to Mark Mendez He's been in contact with Mark Kile trying to get it going. Getting tired of traveling/being gone for a week and a half prefishing to fish a two day tourney. My ex fishing buddy won the state fed. in Wi. going to the Classic. I can't even find anybody to tourney fish with. SUCKS !!!!!! I really don't care for this state,I have no friends here. I went from fishing for a living to can't find a partner. I'm from LaCrosse Wi. about 1 mile from the mighty Mississippi, always had somebody to fish with. Partners broke up, new partners started, non boaters became boaters and some boaters became non boaters. Life moved on, Here up on the mountain theres about 15 bassboats. Nobody has any money to fish any tourneys and they seem real clicky. I tried to contact
Johnny Johnson to team up on the valley circuts ,He never returned my calls. I don't get this mountain stuff .seems like a no brainer to me. I was one of the top money anglers in the midwest and I can't even get to meet anybody who Fishes Bass.
I am so sick of hearing about trout I want to puke. I wanted to change plugs in my Merc. Shit guys .... I had to order them. Nobody even carrys marine stuff here. I wanted a new traveling cover for my Gambler nobody up here can make one. If my wife and I didn't own two businesses here I would be sooooooooo gone.
Sorry Folks,I don't mean to go on and on, but I just can't understand this state or at least this area. Man ,I have a ton of money and can't find anybody to fish with ?????? Whats up with that????????
Darryl Mathews
"Have boat will travel"

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Damn man it's like that............well sounds like you need to get the hell out of Show Low and head down south to Phoenix, not to many trout fisherman here, trout get eaten down here...........I'm sure you'll hook up with someone down this way, lots of boaters, lots of non-boaters, I'm sure you'll get a partner real quick with that Gambler.................Franklin...........

P.S. San Carlos isn't dry-low as hell, but not dry................

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