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Hello all,

I am going to bring some food stocks like........

1. Hot Dogs
2. Hamburgers
3. Buns for both
4. Water bottles
5. Soda pop
6. ketchup,mustard,mayo,relish

What I will need is some extra coolers to keep them cold if anybody can bring a couple of extra icechest the rest of us would realy like it.

I do not know what other things are being brought so we sorta need to find out .


1. A couple of fold up tables if anybody has any.
2. Malox or rolaids
3. ky- jelly ( cause somebody is going to say they got shafted )
4. Some donated prizes nothing big I will pour some stuff ( as if anybody wants my junk ) maybe there are others IF they are going to fish this HINT the other tackle makers out there.

5. Maybe some extra grills to help cook things on.

thnx Houston
Gold Canyon Bait
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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