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Hi all, sure miss azbasspro format. On way home from apache my trailer hub was smokin up a storm. The grease was slung all over the wheel. I have electric trailer brakes but they are not hooked up. Just asking for advice on fix. Should I replace the whole hub? I will replace the bearings for sure. Also are electric trailer brakes worth fixin? I don't know if they work or not. Thanks and hopefully Rosey will pickup soon. :lol: :wink: :arrow: :arrow: :idea: :p :x :shock: :D :) :? 8) :( :eek: :lol: :idea: :?: :!: :mrgreen:

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woah...thats a lot of smiley faces. Sounds like you blew a bearing....seeing how I have 4 boats, Im an expert. Kidding! I dont know, I cant wait till I have my own boat and I can complain about this and that...BFHP has a really nice boat section!

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Replace the whole hub assembly.
Reason being it it gets hot(which I am sure it did) it mess's up the metal, and makes it break easier(more britle) cast iron isnt so bad but it is worth the money.

your races will probally be smoked as well(even if they arent replace them). Its insane to replace a bearing and not a race. if the race is bad it will smoke your bearing again.
besides they are only a few bucks at autozone or napa.

I would keep the brakes. there is a reason for them on there so why take them off or not hook them up?

Arizona axle sells the trailer parts they are in the west valley, also autosafety house sells them as well. dont make a trip there with out takeing the org. parts.


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If you get replacement brakes shoes, make sure they're riveted and not bonded. I went through two sets of shoes from Auto Safety House then finally had the original shoes relined at Arizona Brake and Clutch. The bonded linings would delaminate after a few trips to the lake. I think that quenching them in cool lake water is what did them in.

Good Luck

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