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Trailer problem

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First off let me take the time to wish e/one a Happy Thanksgiving.Now my problem,ive got a fulton swing away trailer arm on my trailer(raises and lowers trailer on hitch)and it got stuck w the arm fully extended,now im not able to raise or lower the trailer because the handel will not rotate(only moves 1/4" either direction).Ive looked at the gears and there fully greased ,but cant seem to find the access point inside the tube under the gears to see why its jammed.Is this a fixable problem or do i just quit F ' in w/it and go buy a new one???Thanx for any and all input,if i hear my wife tell me what to do about this one more time im gonna be the first member on the 5 oclock news!!!Do you think tent city has a bass club??
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That sucks TR, but listen to your wife they generally find out how to fix them.

I have no idea what one looks like so I couldnt help ya.


Maybe if you used an auto jack to take the weight off the fulton jack it would free itself up.
trailer problem

Tried that d a thats how i got the boat off the truck hitch,its locked fully out now the handle doesnt spin up or down.sounds like i need a new one.Damn camp boys broke it in mexico(o well the price you pay to fish mexico)
Go buy a new one that is the same type, sounds like the worm gear is broke. You should be able to take just the jack part off leaving the mounting bracket on the trailer. they are only about 35.00
Trailer Problem

I had the same thing happen to me this past spring. Like Boat Cop said just go buy a new jack and throw the old away. I also could not locate the problem, must have been a broken gear.
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