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trailer questions....

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Any one ever have the surge brake actuator temporarily lock up ?

Driving home from Lake Mary, all the way down the hill, everything going perfect.
Then I hit some stop and go traffic around Jomax and I-17.
I am really taking it easy (no hurry) and then I notice some smoke coming from my tires.
I pull over to check it out , so I'm thinking I fried a bearing. I remove the wheel and limp home on 3 wheels.
At home I go to put the wheel back on for safety and the hub is spinning freely, what ?

After re-thinking everything that happened (more factors that i wont go into detail here), I have concluded that the brakes were smoking and not the bearing.
But they seem to have unstuck themselves.
Guess what I'm doing this week. :icon_sad:
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On a downhill like that or even Bartlet, if you tap yer breaks once at the top they stay actuated(sp) all the way to the bottom cuz you never give the truck gas allowing the toungue of the trailor to seperate deactivating the breaks. I like electric breaks. You can PIN them for the decent down,(dangorous) or, I tend to, at bartlet, coast till I rollin bout 55-60, the break down to 20-30, then gas it a little to slide the tounge apart deactivating the breaks, then coast again not hitting the breaks, ect. Maybe I'm just all F***d up though???
I was already down the hill and on flat ground (I-17 and Jomax)
Had been on and off the brakes and all was well.
After analyzing my situation I have come to this conclusion :
When in stop and go traffic on the freeway, every time you lightly touch the brakes make sure you give some gas afterwards to dis-engage your surge brake.
I'm pretty sure this was my problem. Because after slowing with light braking , I just let the truck idle to move me along. This didnt let my surge brakes release, and eventually they started smoking.

:biggrin: The good news, I just finished replacing my shoes ( they were old anyway) and all my bearings are still good. I replaced a few other small parts that were worn out and
Bada-Bing, Bada-Bang , I'm back in business !!!

PS- thanks to Arizona Axle all parts in stock and good advice there too.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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