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Translater for Japanese

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Anybody know were I can get some instructions translated?
Just bought a new reel & the instructions are in japanese.
Ain't this a bitch :?

Joe C
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Joe..I can translate:
Open box
put reel on rod
tightne reel seats
spool on line
tie on lure
cast to fish
catch fish

see...japanese is easy? Kidding....just couldnt resist! :lol:
Jason, that was funny! :lol:
I think Delw knows Japanese. Did he live there for a number of years? Also doesn't skunked know some too?
Yeah Del oughta speak some so can I and Baca Gaijin but if you want us too read JN I think your yanking the wrong chain. LOL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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