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I read here on this posts that a guy named Trent Schureman scammed many of the people on this group, I'm contacting this group to say that Trent schureman is now living in Eagle Mountain Utah, he is under eviction because he is not paying rent for 6 months plus he totally destroyed his landlords house.
I am Trent schureman in law, my name is kim Barber and I do know where you can find him, also I have all his documents information, I have his phone information, his address and everything you need to take him to court.
Contact me if you need help to take him to court and I will be happy to answer your email.
My email is [email protected]
Lets all together put Trent schureman and Kami schureman in jail. I also have all the information you need to take his wife to court. I have all their documents and personal information, contact me saying what kind of scam he did to you and I will be happy to help you. Thanks
Kim Barber
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