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Trim Popping

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my trips pops once in a while while trimming up and down,just wondering if its bad,only does it at the lake not at home,it has some thing where when your trimming down like hald way doen the motor hits the 2 bars and starts to trim slower,is this what makes the noise?:confused:
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Put grease on the barrings that are on the ram rods. (the two rods you see when the motor is trimmed all the way up)
ok ill talk to my dad and see if we can figure it out,you just grease the rods?or is there a little thing that you hook the grease gun up 2
Put grease on the ends of the push rods and do it occasionally. That should get rid of the noise.
ok sweet thanks guys,there pretty loud pops,ill try it thx again
Does it only do it when in gear?
Does it only do it when in gear?
umm im not 100 percent sure but im thinking yeah
hydraulic fluid?

I would check the fluid level. But the poping will happen when trimming up becuase you are extended the piston/shaft (yes i said shaft) and there is not enough fluid to push the piston anymore.

Just a thought, that is what mine was doing.
ok so should i give lower unit a call so he can come check or is it easy to do>
umm im not 100 percent sure but im thinking yeah
If it's when in gear then probably the lateral support rubbing on the transom bracket. Nothing much you can do about it if it is, but make sure where the noise is coming from before you decide it's nothing to worry about.
Been a while since I poped me some trim :mad:

HAHAha :biggrin: :Iconrotfl
thx for the advice i put grease on the stubs and no longer popping,thanks lower unit!!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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