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Trolling For Crappie On Pleasant

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I've spent a lot of time trolling for crappie on Roosevelt in the winter months. Normally I just find the fleet of crappie fisherman and fish that area. Does anyone know if that is an effective way to fish for crappie on Lake Pleasant in the winter months? Is there ever a large number of boats trolling for crappie on Pleasant like there can be on Roosevelt?


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I think the sriper have been pretty hard on the crappie at plez, used catch limits every time I went as a kid but that was many moons ago. I here of a few here and there but what do I know I'm sure the AZCA guys will chime in here soon.
no more crappie in there
hell no.

i've seen a few guys stick em up the arms during spring but good luck doing that... you'll need it!
Late spring up in Castle you can find them in pretty good numbers, same goes for the NE end of Humbug but I've never found them in the winter months.
you will see the crappie "floatilla" at alamo, roosevelt and san carlos but for the most part at pleasant, bartlett and other area lakes having crappie you don't tend to see fleets fishing for them trolling, it is pretty much go find them or experiment with trolling on your own in different areas?
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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