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trout in Roosevelt lake

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:confused:Tonto Creek has trout at Kohls ranch, Tonto Creek feeds Roosevelt Lake, trout can live in deep cold waters.....any chance trout live deep at Rosey?:whiteflag
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In the winter yes, in the summer, I don't know, they need a lot of oxygen and I don't know how much oxygen they will find at the depths where the water is cold enough to sustain them.
im sure that theres a couple in the lake but in the summer they are heading for cold water.
if you look at tonto now it is a dry creek bed. Used to catch an occasional trout in roosevelt years ago when the lake was smaller, they were always good size. When the salt river is cold enough and flowing good I am sure a few trout wash into the lake from that end since all the feeder streams that combine to be the salt river are stocked with trout also, same with tonto when it flows much above a trickle
There are trout in Roosevelt. There are a ton of them in Apache or at least there were before the fish kill. Not sure if they survived.
Can we say bass bait. I'm sure those bass eat them up in there before they even have a chance.
Apache used to have a big population of trout, game and fish actually stocked two "lake trout" species hoping to have a viable trout fishery with "large" trout, that was years before the GA, biggest problem they encountered was enough oxygen at the needed depth for trout during the summer, we used to occasionally catch 3+lb rainbows at apache while fishing for the smallies especially during the cool months. Now you have canyon and saguaro stocked during the winter with trout for bass bait
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