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I have been sending a few of you a offer to come out to the Tucson Bass meeting through pm's. I want to make sure we don't miss anyone. There may be some lurkers on here who have not join the zone yet and just view from a far.

If your in the Tucson area and have a interest in bass fishing come out Oct 7th to the Sportsman Warehouse at 630 pm to sit in on a meeting and see what the club is all about. Each meeting we have more guest who decide to join. The club and myself look forward to meeting you if you can make it. Currently we have a approx 30 members with a goal of 35 for the 2010 schedule. Any further information please pm me and ask...
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whats it cost to b a member? and what lakes do you guys go to?
Check out this link below for 2010 tournament schedule. We are in the process of lowering next years fees so it will be voted on next meeting. $55-$65 range with annual federation membership included.
elwayoung, you fishing this weekend?
Not Bartlett, sitter issues may consider Purple heart if i can resolve the time with sitter.
Roger that! Good luck with all.
Elway how old is your young one, my Stpe-daughter and a buddy of mines wife will be out there with my pontoon if you want to bring the little one.
He's Five
Bring him with you and I will make sure he is on the pontoon all day. While you fish and he can watch when the pontoon is going by.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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