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Tucson/ Sierra Vista BASS Clubs

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There has been a little negative banter going around, as well as it is getting close to the end of the year, time to renew or join for the upcoming season.
As the title states I am talking about BASS/Federation Nation here. I will be talking about the TBC club out of Tucson and SEABASS out of SV. I cut my bass teeth with TBC back in 2003 when I started bass fishing. A great bunch of guys and a class act. However with money the way it is and my work schedule, I couldn't fish all their events and started a club in SV. This gives the BASS membership 2 great options. Both clubs fish the Arizona state qualifiers, TBC however also fishes monthly club tournaments, SEABASS does not. Bottom line if you are looking at fishing state qualifiers to try to make the state team, both are great options. If you want to go the next step and fish more frequently with some great guys TBC is the solid choice. Dues vary as well. I can't speak specifics but TBC breaks out like this, National + State + Club. Since SEABASS only fishes qualifiers the break down is as follows, National + State. For more info on TBC you can PM elwayoung here or for SEABASS you can PM me. You can't go wrong with either club. And just because you live in Sierra Vista doesn't mean you can't join TBC or if you live in Tucson the SV doors are open.

Again since it is getting that time to renew or join for 2010 I thought it a good idea to lay this out for everyone.
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Great thread az.....

The difference in fishing the monthly tourneys is to give us tucson fellas/gals a chance to get up and fish the northern lakes where all of the Federation tourneys are held so we see them more than once a year. I know you can do that fun fishing, but route still gives you that tournament feel and allows you to get together with a good group of guys.

Either way you will not go wrong choosing one club over the other!

Tight Lines
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