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tuna trip

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Any of you bass fisherman up for a little change of pace? :idea: I have a tuna trip scheduled to depart Friday AUG 29th @ 9:00 p.m. to fish the 30th. The boat is the "ShowGun" 46' Bertrum. The vessel will cruz at 20 knots. Full galley 3 hots plus snacks and a bunk. Everything is included from gear,food, drinks. I will check on the beer but I believe it too was included, fish cleaning. Everything but the tip is included.

The Fat Alberts have been running from 20-30# the BFT have been running 20-50#. :shock: These fish will get your blood flowing for sure. Anone up for the challenge :?:

The cost of the trip is only $300.00 per person. I have 2 spots left. No more then 6 passergers on this vessel fishing.
Tight lines and smoking drags and bloddy decks!!!
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Just got back from San Diego on Sunday. Recommend you tie an anchor to your bait caster and retrieve it a few times. You will want to have those muscles in peak condition. We caught LOTS of albacore. Have a great time. Spidey.
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