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Unlikely Hero

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My respect for skaters just went up a little. This dude was bringing it. Some loud language for those at work...
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HAHAHA........That cheered up my day. Man, if I could have only had the balls to do that to the POS that pulled a gun on me. THanks for sharing.

That is classic that tough guy with a gun got what he had coming. lol
dang essay vato, homes got his butt kicked. Dana White should recruit skaterboy!
They were beating up the thugs little buddy in the background as well. lmao!!
i love when they're hitting votto with the skateboards..:Iconrotfl
Quite intriguing and you in no way can fault the kid from a safety/parent perspective. He tried to walk (skate) away and the guy continued after him so he likely felt trapped… In the video, it appeared he punched the guy while the gun was still in his face. If there were any mistakes here, that was it, since the guy with the gun did make the mistake of letting the kid close but also taking the gun down a couple times… Oh, and trying to be gangsta cool in the way he was holding it.

Either way, balls of steel for that kid and he did what he thought had to be done… Good for him and also the street justice for the other ahole… That second kid coming in with the skateboard; those trucks had to hurt…

In all, you have to give kudos to all those skaters; they all stepped up and resolved the issue..
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that reminds me of when i was a youngster in mesa almost the same thing happend to a friend of mine the gangbanger ended up dying there where more people involved every one was swinging trucks at the dude
That was very cool! Could have gone the other way pretty easy though.
That's awesome!! Little punk got what was comin to him.
Well with the two options being flee or fight and with fleeing obviously not working you can't just stand there and die. That wanna-be gangster got less than what he deserved and the bad part is............we probably saw or will see on the news "part 2" of the story. Those punka$$ gang bangers will just come back in bigger numbers and take the kid out because they can't take an a$$ whooping like a man. Phucking sad!
WOW that dude got all messed up.i had to watch it acouple times, i didnt see the gun. But dang that vatto got all muffed up :moon:
I think esea just got his ass beat by a white boy...................
Kid wz fearless!!!Seems like they let that dude of the hook ez 2 me.
They're lucky nobody got blasted, but definitely props for taking that guy out. They should have beaten him some more in my opinion, who knows what that guy is going to do when he gets up. I definitely agree they let him off EASY, pull a gun and get a general beat down?? That vato is lucky he was able to walk away in my opinion. Friggin chumps, this city is loaded with them too.
Those skater boys should have beat his A$$ more than that. Those stupid punk's got what they deserved. Bad thing is they will just come back and start shit with these guys again and it won't go so easy for the skaters or whoever they pick to mess with next time. They should have hurt that punk good when they had the chance. I really like how his homey got a beat down in the back ground. Next time that Idiot with the gun starts crap he better make sure the guy that has his back is not a pussy like that guy. Hopefully he learned not to phuck with people but probably not. We will probably see him in the news getting his ass kicked again or even worse.
There are certain groups of people who assume white boys don't fight back. Nice to see the bonnie comeuppance of that pinhead.
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