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urban lakes

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I am just getting started and would like to practice some techniques. Are there any good urban lakes that I could try?
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If you say where abouts of the valley you are , it would give a starting point....


sorry 'bout that. that would help. i'm in avondale.
urban and other lakes

The Crystal Gardens Lakes are owned by Avondale, and hold a variety of fish (LM, channel cats, bluegill, carp, white amur, koi). They are all catch and release due to the fact that they are there to help filter the water. You can see a few of these lakes north of McDowell on 107th Ave. There are quite a few of them to choose from, but I like the ones near the fire station. I've seen bass in there around 3lbs, but not much bigger than that. If the locals try to run you off (they don't try as much anymore) just smile and refer their attention to the many signs posting the fishing regs. :D Try jigs with 2in grubs. I've caught a few LMs on them. I haven't tried dropshot or crig, because when they first opened the lakes to fishing, they didn't want anyone to fish on the bottom disturbing the sediment of the new lakes. Now the lakes are established and you can fish how you please. Good luck.
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Game and fish puts out a publication with a list off all the urban lakes and what type of fish are in them,also with some tips on how to catch them I think. available for free at Walmart,Kmart Popular outdoors...etc..
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