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vacation to DW/Orlando

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My wife and I are headed to Orlando/ Disneyworld for our 10th anniversary in October. I have been there twice, my wife has not. Its been 15 years since I was last there.

My wifes parents have given us the use of their timeshare that is just outside the park there, so we have that part taken care of.

What I would like to ask the zone is if anyone has any suggestions as to what travel agency here in the valley to use. Or have you used an online site that you would recommend?

Thank you,
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If you have the chance, try to fish some of the small lakes around the area. Be sure to get a license and have a blast, until they chase you off, then just go a mile or so and there is another small lake. There are some huge Largemouth there.
One of my best vacations was there. Have fun.
If you are a AAA member, they have a free travel agency in the offices. If you aren't a member, the cost of the membership will pay for itself just in the free maps and discounts you can get on travel and rental cars. Also, AAA's main HQs used to be in Orlando, so AAA discounts are easy to find all around the Orlando area.
I grew up in the tampa area. If you get the chance, wet a line at any pond or small body of water you find. Just watch where you put your foot, the gators don't like to be stepped on.
jimmy houston says its legal to fish the ponds around disneyworld and they kick you off the main pond for the water show around 5 or 6 probably gunna have to check into it for some actual facts though
make sure you get a guided trip on the dw lake
I have heard of a rent-a-boat fishing on a body of water by the park. Didn't know about a guide though, I'll have to check that out.
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