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Verde Fishing

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Hey guys, I'm not on here too much, but I need some advice and I'm sure you can help.

I want to try some bass fishing on the verde river, but I don't know where to it better above Bartlett or below? And how can I get to some of the spots? I know that a lot of the roads are closed going across, but is there still somewhere to park and hike in to the river in other places?

I'll take any advice you want to give me, thanks guys
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go to the area below horseshoe if you're fishin from shore. try up river from bartlett if your boating. lipless cranks worked well for me in the grass and reeds in both locations.
I have not fished that river in years, we used to go below horseshoe like Bo said and indian springs wash which leads you between the two lakes but I believe has since been closed down. In my youth we used to camp just below bartlett in that campground and literally fish all the way from the campground to the concrete of the damn. I imagine you could not do that today, but then there was some good bass to be had along the rock wall 200 yards from the damn. I have caught bass south of needle rock, just went out exploring and came across some decent fishing.

Anyone ever float that river from camp verde to sheeps crossing or fished the confluence of the verde/east verde??

Sorry dont mean to steal your thread, I have always been curious.
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