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Verde river access spots?

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I have been looking on google earth for a spot to access the verde river that is not on reservation. There is a town called Rio Verde that looks good. Does anyone else have any access spots they could share with me?

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lots of access points around rio verde. If you go out dynamite road to the T and turn left you immediately hit the TNF pay area (buy your pass before you get there) you can make an immediate right turn and go down to the river or go straight and it will take you to the river up near needle rock. All the area is forest service so "have a daily pass". But on the weekends it is a zoo out there lots of ATV, people swimming, and stupid people firing guns etc. If you go out on a weekday much quieter, some areas to fish in the on the river there with access points butttttttttttt fishing can be a little tough there (used to be good). Area a little more sane is the river below bartlett dam, you access that by going into bartlett lake road and turn right like you are going to the marina but just keep going staight, couple mile drive on bumpy dirt road (again need the forest service pass) that road will take you over to the river below the dam, normally better fishing and less "idiots" especially on weekends.
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