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Was that a UFO that landed in castle creek saturday night/sunday morning

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did a little late day boil chasing saturday evening (won't do that again) crazy ass lake on a weekend:blink:

set up for night fishing with chovies and had a fun night. Was coming back into the castle creek launch at like 2:30a.m. and there is all sorts of flashing lights up in castle creek (they appeared to be on the water) white, blue, yellow:confused: but did not look like LEO they were like emergency flashers on in 10 vehicles of different colors but appeared to be out in the water deep back in castle creek, not strobes or LED emergency type lights.

thought either a UFO landed or Lotsa Luck was up there experimenting with some new night time fishing lights:shock:

was wondering if anyone else was up there sunday morning early and saw all the lights and figured out what it was?

oh and no did not drink anything alcoholic while out on the lake.
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But did you smoke anything? J/K. Sounds kinda cool to witness.
you need to layoff the chovies. LOL there for bait
Was it yelling "who's ur daddy" and have a big string of Crappie?
no wacky tobacco, last time I tried that BoatCop almost busted me for not sharing!! just kidding BC, nope nothing but my stupid expensive cigs.

Billy a fat boy like me needs food, ran out, anchovies are not that bad frozen!!!!!!!!

Piscolli, wasn't Willie I don't think??
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