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watson lake......i think

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i am headed up to prescott to watson lake with the family. anyone been? i have never been there and hoping to get some pointers. i guess its called the "mini lake powell"
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I have been there once and fished a couple hours as I was with a bunch of Scouts. It is pretty small and I did not had any luck there for bass. Good luck though!
There are some bass in that lake, also lots of small crappie and sunfish/bluegill. The bullhead population is also overwhelming. If you have kids, set them up with worms or mealworms and bobbers. They should have fun catching bluegill and bullheads. Larger bass are few but they are there. If you are launching a boat, be aware that are a lot of hull eaters (large submerged granite boulders) in that lake and not all are marked so be careful. Good luck.
The lower end of the lake is deep with lots of boulders. The upper end is shallow and very grassy. You could throw frogs in that end. I've caught bass up to three pounds there but have seen some 4's get caught.
fished today for an hour or two, caught a few little talking LITTLE!! lol, still a good time. fished from shore. mainly just up here to escape the heat. thx guys, but i will stick to patty:D
Why would'nt you, is'nt thats where the toads live.
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