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Waxing your boat/trailer ect..

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Gosh its a paindoing it by hand!But you can not beat the turnout!Took me 3hrs and some change (white boat so its dirty every trip) but the turnout is well worth it!The hull was the most time consumeing part,the water line was a pain to get off!bad pic cause its a cell phone pic!anyway i totally understand why heath and robojunky ect charge what they do,and i didnt clean it as well as they would!next time i think ill try to clean off fish blood before i wax it!
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If ya wouldn't beat the bass with a bat like they are cats, ya wouldn't get so much blood everywhere.:Iconrotfl
thanks bill,mothers cleans up a boat pretty good!
looks good man.
Well it's about time!! lol Nice job.
lol 3rd time waxn her
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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