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Wed 8-19-09 Results

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David Rigo 4.08 $190.00+ $50.00 Gift Card
John Bakos 3.33 $95.00


Gil Soto 2.25 $60.00


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Good lookin fish ya got there Dave. Nice job.
Native was it the same place as last week?
That Rigo looks like a peter puffer
Thanks AJ.

Yeah, it was in the same general area where you saw me catch those fish Friday. 5 of the 18 competitors watched me catch it, not that it was a secret spot anyway. I caught it on a people's worm in about 15 feet of water. Get out there before the water drops too much and that spot turns off. I broke a couple others off last night in those trees (one on 20 pound flourocarbon), so there are some more big fish there still. Good luck.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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