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Weekly Fishing Report Gets High Marks From Subscribers
The weekly fishing report produced by the Arizona Game and Fish Department was given high marks by e-mail subscribers during a recent Internet survey.

The customer survey was sent to 4,800 subscribers, of whom 675 responded.

The survey shows that the Arizona Game and Fish Department’s weekly fishing report enjoys immense popularity, with 73 percent of respondents saying they use it weekly, 11 percent using it at least every other week and 13 percent using it at least monthly.

When asked their level of satisfaction, 82 percent were somewhat satisfied to very satisfied. Eight percent were neutral (neither satisfied nor dissatisfied), 6 percent were somewhat dissatisfied and 4 percent were very dissatisfied. Only 18 percent of the people are either neutral or dissatisfied to some degree.

The survey shows that 63 percent of respondents fish at least once a month, with 15 percent fishing once per week. Six percent said they fish more than once a week. Thirty-six percent fish less than five times a year. Five subscribers said they never fish in Arizona.

When asked what species they fish for, 70 percent chose trout, 62 percent chose bass, 37 percent crappie, 45 percent catfish, and 31 percent chose “anything that bites.”

To help in improving the report, subscribers were asked what type of fishing information is important to them.

- 86 percent want methods, techniques or baits that have been working to catch fish.

- 74 percent want what people are catching, numbers and sizes of fish.

- 74 percent want where fish have been caught (i.e. specific areas, coves, bays, depths etc.).

- 62 percent want lake level updates.

- 60 percent want stocking updates.

- 52 percent want regulation updates/reminders.

- 40 percent want fish population survey updates.

The fishing report has influence. Eighty-one percent of the respondents say the fishing report influences when they go fishing, 85 percent say it influences where they go fishing, and 83 percent say it influences what methods, techniques or baits to use.

The department’s weekly fishing report is provided to the news media of the state and selected media in the region and nation. It is posted on the department’s Web site at where site visitors access it an average of 17,166 times each month. Individuals can also sign up to have the report e-mailed directly to them.

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