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Weird day

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Launched yesterday with high hopes of slaying some big ones. Little did we know what we were in for.
On the water at 0640, motored over to a mid lake hump, where I lost a monster last time. Nothing around the hump but on a little nearby flat, we see a 3+ jump chasing minnows. My ******* friend fires in there with a crankbait and sticks this one.

Yeah you know you dig that shirt. Anyways, next cast up there he sticks a four pound catfish. While he is jacking with the catfish, I fired a fluke around and got nada. Back out to the hump, and we start cruising a 6 foot flat with scattered brush, markign good fish on the bottom. While fan casting a Carolina rig, I get a light tap. I reel down to feel, and there is slight pressure so I swing, right when the fish pulls. Picture a monkey fukking a football, and that is what my hookset looked like. Got it in anyways though.

We fished another rise that usually produces and got nothing. I rigged up the big Yammamoto worm again (Ben from the Hook Up overnighted me a big box of them just for this trip) and went to work. Fishing a steep shoreline next to the channel, I get a tap, wait on it...swing, and fish on!

Yeah, the fish is almost as big as the 12" worm. I probably caught 20 fish on this worm alone, and besides breaking off two fish on the hookset, they were all this size. Weird stuff was happening all day. I would throw in, pick up the worm, and a fish would pull and be gone. Or they would just light tap it and sit there. Or they would hit and spit. I got probably 10 bites for every fish I caught. I downsized to a Mag II and same deal. I downsized smaller to a U Tail and same thing. I did get a 3 on the Mag II so they werent all small. Together, my ******* friend and I boated 30-40 fish and probably had 100 bites. Could they have been TOO aggressive? They wouldnt hit anything else, besides the first fish on a crank, all the rest were on plastics. We had them hit while reeling back in, too. This one did.

Cant you see the shock on his face. That'll give you nightmares. Sorry.
Anyways, it was a fun day but those fish were nuts. I tried swimming a jig, a senko, a fluke, blade, even a darthead grub (caught one 10 inch fish on that actually) but all they wanted mainly, was the Tx rig. The ******* got a tap, swung, got hung up, and pulled in fish and tree. Like I said, weird day.

Found a six inch bass floating dead that had its head almost ripped off, looked like he was regurgetated. I wanna catch whatever did that!
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Nice day jason you guys did well, i didn't even order those big worms last time i got stuff from the hook up. Looks like I now have an excuse to buy more stuff! What lake was this?
I'm gonna guess it was some lake in the carolinaS?
Nice catch and story...
it's a small farm lake. dont think because its private that the fish are dumb, its pretty much like fishing a public lake, the bite changes every time.
Did you get a new boat?
Nice pics and yea your boy is a fashion icon,but please tell me his hat is just a token of his "Love" for the local college football team.:eek:
Did you get a new boat?
That's my question......what are you in the front of someone elses boat? Wait a minute you have taken over the front of my boat a few times. :Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
Dude the local team out here is the gamecocks, and everyone rocks these shirts and hats that simply say COCKS on them. Just shows how lame this area is, and it is hilarious. That is my friend's boat, he just prefers I run the TM and I dont mind. I love that Champion, and I get to use it when he deploys next month! If you ever fish with Mac, and it gets windy, he will let you run the front, too. :biggrin:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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