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Welcome to the Laborday weekend

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Seems someone decided to shoot my rear window out of the back of my wifes suburban this morning or last night.

Three nice small 22 cal holes or bb holes not to mention the tail gate of the truck is also kinda dinged up.

Looks Like I am going to have to get a pimplefaced gangbanger tag now, anyone know where I can get one?

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The season's always open, you don't need a license, and there's no need for a permit. By the way, they taste just like chicken!

Del, did that happen at your house or were you out fishing?
At home, in my front yard.

We called an autoglass place this afternoon they said the would be out between 3 and 5 today(only one that wanted to work weekends) They guy showed up at 5pm and replaced both windows.

Unfortunatly the back window he cracked while installing it, but shit happens he will bring a new one and install it monday or tuesday.


delw, man living in the country sucks huh?
Sorry to hear about your windows vandalism, maybe you should move into town? :lol:
That sucks! Did you call the cops or are you planning some "long-range revenge"? :twisted:
We had to call the cops for the insurance report.

Working on some long range revenge, I was actually thinking of laying in the truck at night to catch the guys but probally not a good idea since bullet's tend to make holes in metal...

Paybacks are a bitch, now it gets scarey(not for me) and serious due to the use of firearms, hey they have a gun bang there dead I am in fear of my life.

punk kids on a street causeing problems with rocks and baseball bats are one thing but when they bring firearms into it, well that makes it a little more serious.

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Im still in shock that someone would do something like this...I hope you find them Delw!
Delw, I am amazed that anyone would or could even have thoughts about doing anything that would upset you!!!!!!!!!!!. You being the kind caring, thoughfull and courteous person you are. Bangers are open year around, they fall under the Varmit section. this means you can use about anything to get them. Even steel traps.
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