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Wet Beaver Creek Smallies...

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I'm really lovin this bass fishing thing. Caught my first yellow at the MMBC a few weeks ago. Went to Wet Beaver Creek this morning after a fill up on lures/worms at Fisherman's Choice. Hiked the Bell trail to the gauging station with a co-worker (sorry Skunked) and set up shop at some large pools. 3" Powerworms, spinners... nothing worked. Then went to the Kellogs Nutri-Grain bar (Apple-Cinnamon of course) on a trout rig. 2 pan-size smallmouth in a row. Tossed them back to grow bigger. Question- need help on lures or rigs for these smallies and browns. Any advice would be mucho appreciato. Thanks, Jim.
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That's great, Jim. You're going to make Ray a jealous fisherman. The hike along with the fishing in a remore area sounds really nice. For those stream smallies don't give up on the spinners that blanked you. Yellowjackets, panther martins, mepps spinners should work on the smallies and trout. Some small grubs work well also for the smallies.
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