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What are main lake points?

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Can someone define for me what main lake points are?

or even better, more specifically, where the main lake points are on Patty? heading there tonight from 5 until 11, and looking for the best areas to fish.

head out from the launch, turn right or left? fish the rocks or the reeds? i've gotten some great feedback on what to throw, just wanting to get in the right area to begin with.

thanks in advance for the help. i love this site.
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Main Lake points ars just that points that come out on the main lake.Points in a cove are called secondery points.
Main lake points are what you build up by fishing the main lakes, Rosy,Patty,Pleasant etc.
You can cash them in at the end of the year for freebies from Yates or Yellow Front and maybe Del Re's.
If you look on the map at patty, it looks like the letter J or better yet, the letter U. At the bottom of the U is a "main lake point" People call it reed island.

Any point on the main lake can be called a point.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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