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What Ever Happened to Don McBride???

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Hey, anyoine heard whatever has happened to Don McBride. After the FLW he seems to have dropped off the planet.
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Did he pull his PGA Card story again?
He out there just has picking and chosing what to fish lately instead of everything. He should be happy to know that he is missed.
I thought he was done with us little guys and our tournaments.
No hes going through Randy M withdraws. Big boys tournaments cost just slowed him down with out sponcership moneys it can be quite costly.
:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl Maybe he needed that reality check.
He's around and doing fine, still fishing tournaments.
Hey Lite.. Just trying to wake the old man up.
Don't you mean he went to poop and fell in?:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl
he is old and getting senile
Ready to pounce!

Im wright here,been in F.L.W.failure classes but,AS THE GENERAL SAID,I SHALL RETURN! PS----hope everybody is doing good and catching many toads,see ya on the water!
And eating a little crow my old friend?

Have you ever had any,its good now and then I like it deep fryed!Come on out and try the STREN SEREIS its awsome,first year big learning curve,but it can only get better Ill never give up its now IN MY BLOOD and if it works out Ill be at the DELTA in Sept. for revenge at F.L.W. NATIONAL GUARD SERIES and then CLEAR LAKE! REALALITY CHECK HELL YEA PINCH ME!
go D. MC. B
oh yeah and our friend brother Roy says whuzzzzaa
The Real Deal BRO!

How are you,hows the new boat,see you been cashing some checks,thats good!Thanks Bro!
There is a 12 step program that can help you with this. The first step is to get past the Denial "Didn't Everyone Now I'm Lying?" :Iconrotfl:Iconrotfl

Good luck buddy. Hope it works out for you!
1 - 20 of 23 Posts
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