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What have we done?

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Damn! I can't see it! friggin network security. :bong:
too bad, shes got some nice cheechee's
too bad, shes got some nice cheechee's
Yepper a find set of Ta-Ta's....Motorboating material for sure.
typical of liberals, want it all, but hell if they gotta earn it. seriously she has to be joking but i know some that think close to this. it is scary that they dont even wonder how that could even be done. DIDN'T MAMMA TELL THEM THAT " MONEY DON'T GROW ON TREES" but yes nice booooooooobies.
i wonder if there is a connection to the fisherman that wants all your good spots for his tournie but doesnt want to put in the work of finding some for himself and bettering himself as an angler???
bait and switch.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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