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I find fishing with with my partner is working out well. Kinda like my marraige. (While im the bread winner,my un-employed other half (Delw)if out pre-fishing for us). No seriously my job is m-f from 6am to 6pm and i dont have time to prefish the lakes before tournys. Del has flexability to be able to spend time on the lakes thru out the week. We both own our own boats(i have 3) so theres never an issue for whos boat. I find after several years of fishing its nice to sit back,relax,and fish while Del runs the trolling motor.hheheheh Picking a partner is never easy, everyone seems to have there own way of fishing, some like to get close to shore and flip the backs,others drag a c-rig or in jasonR `s case c-rigging a Rico. So finding someone with similar fishing habits is nice. Del has tought me ALOT of different syles with all have put fish in the boat. But in your search for a partner remember before commiting to a partner,make several phone calls to his house at 4:00am. If hes up and has already had a coke,you know hes a good partner. (even if he wont sell you any of his worm mold or give you a Del-Mart t-shirt). Never the less i couldnt ask for a better partner to fish with.....
1 - 4 of 32 Posts
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