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What things to look for when looking for a FISHING Partner

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just wondering about my current status with my fishing partner. no there's no fight/tiff anything like that he got a new boat and he wants to go out on his own. so my last couple of partners have been friends do you think that you get someone who is more business-wants to win? Just looking for opinions or maybe just to research what the guys might be looking at from me also :?
Lastly where would you start to look?
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when you arent catching anything for hours on end and trying just about every damn thing you know, some pretty lame ass songs creep into your head. DELW if you fish ABF Im gonna make sure we pull up near you and blast some Barry Mannilow! Especially when you have a fish on.
LOL thats fine. cause when I fish I tune everything out, heck ask Kurt I dont even see nakid women when I am fishing.


I like a partner that is mellow, he or she has to be willing to fish hard, be able to eat a sandwich with a pole in their hand, can net a fish in one swipe, be willing to listen to my nasty singing ( present tourney song is Afromans Cause i got high), not have PMS, ADD, not be Manic or paranoid and most of all be willing to spend the entry fee and not have the tourney director have to pry it out of his hands. and if we do not get a check be willing to accept the fact that we did not win, but we had fun and were not at work. Basically dont turn into a pouty bitch and blame everything but yourself for the loss.
Find someone that's positive. I had a partner(father-in-law) for a couple of years that was negative about everything. From not catching a fish to getting his line stuck. Like boat cop said, bitch bitch bitch! I invited my good friend from Colorado to fish the Bill luke dodge last year. We spent 3 nights out there and had a blast. He was closer to my age and we fish alike. Negative people suck. I think that should be my quote under my name. Good luck
the perfect tourney partner(S) are 2 beautiful lesbians that dont mind getting naked in public!
That would be the worse, cause no fishing would get done.

Well, MRBASS, looks like you're the perfect partner for Del! Never give the guy a break1 :twisted: :lol:

Boatcop! You mentioned a parnter can't have PMS, ADD, be manic, paranoid or complaining but you left out neurotic, skipping disease, WPTHD (women's place is in the home disorder), crankbait attracting and plug pulling!
yup i guess you are right except for 2 things, I do not let anybody pull a plug out of my skin. If i am going to feel pain, it is going to be self inflicted. And as for the womens place is in the home. No, i am sort of liberal on this. I would rather have a good smellin, good lookin woman in my boat anytime. it is sort of erotic to see a woman in a bass boat that knows how to handle a fishin pole.
I know huh! Think about it, sort of gets the hair on the back of your neck to stand up!!!!!!!!!
Well BoatCop, you've gone and outdone yourself this time! :lol: So does Kickn'bass count as smelling good?
Depends upon which flavor you are talkin about, i have got them all including the new seafood buffet
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