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Whats the solution?

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Data: Many deported felons just sneak back across border

U.S. pushing prosecution, lengthy prison terms to deter re-entry

by Daniel González - Aug. 16, 2009 12:00 AM
The Arizona Republic
The goal of the U.S. government's expanding program to rid the country of foreign-born criminals is clear: Find illegal immigrants who commit violent crimes and deport them so they no longer pose a threat to the public.
The government has successfully deported hundreds of thousands of foreign-born criminals in recent years. But a significant number have come back again, illegally, to the United States, often to commit more crimes, according to government data and interviews with law-enforcement authorities, federal prosecutors and criminal-defense lawyers.
There are no broad government statistics on how many deported criminals re-enter the United States illegally, but arrests by Border Patrol agents in the Tucson region alone suggest the number is high. In fiscal year 2008, 16 percent of the 317,696 immigrants arrested by agents in Tucson, one of nine sectors on the U.S.-Mexican border, were charged with felony counts of re-entering illegally, either because they had prior felony convictions in the U.S. or previously had been formally deported. Crossing the border illegally is typically a misdemeanor.The illegal re-entry of people who have been deported, especially those with criminal histories, represents one of the most vexing and persistent problems in the government's stepped-up effort to battle illegal immigration. The government doesn't have the resources to prosecute all of them, and in the past most were simply just deported again.
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Sentence their asses to 10-20 years hard labor and make them build the wall. Hopefully after we work them half to death they wont have the balls to come back over...
Fine them and take all their assets
Fine them and take all their assets
Like there going to pay there fines and what assets ? a pair of gold teeth and a $500 car with $5000 stereo and rims ?
Like there going to pay there fines and what assets ? a pair of gold teeth and a $500 car with $5000 stereo and rims ?
Dude with the price of gold on the rise those daytons might be worth some cash...
Neither party will close the border. The only reasonable solution is for the states to set up a similar program as varmint control at Game & Fish. Allow hunters to work the ridges with no limit but have rules for females with kittens similar to the mountain lion regs. A few months of that program and problem solved.
That is a good start, make them work for 12 years hard labor building a block fence on the border. Then implant their ass with a GPS tracking system just like G&F do and deport their asses. Then when they try and climb the wall shoot their asses.
Lets just hire the bastards and have them pick Quagga Mussles of the rocks @ Pleasant. It pays 12 cent per 100.....
Send them to Afganistan...or better yet drop them off in Iran

Tell them your sending them to Afganistan and drop there asses in the middle of the ocean
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