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You know just once I would like to see a complete written and detailed account of where the proceeds go from our $6 each one of us pays when we pull are boat up to the lake. I mean I think since we are actually paying the money we as Sportsmen have the right to know where it is all going. I would like to know how much is in the account right now for example. I mean I know we have some nice ramps now for the shore fishermen to use but havent we paid for those yet? How much is lumber anyway? Besides those ramps I have not seen a whole lot that we did not have before we started paying the money? Now that I think of it where is the money going for the Arizona lottery? Has anyone ever seen a detailed accounting of where exactly the money is going? Wasnt that suppose to fix a lot of are problems in Arizona? Maybe I should get into politics...I could raise the fee to $7 and retire because no one would ever ask where the other $1 is going!!!!

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Whats nice about the money that comes from the collection box's and the pay machines is its all CASH.

You should know by now if you lived in phx for any length of time that the bidwells and coangelo sell all the lumber to the state.

And janet Spends it.



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Since no one bit...

I WAS going to let someone bust on me for saying I like Janet and then I would reply; "With Janet here, people can't say the worst thing about AZ is it's foot ball team!"...

I didn't want to leave the previous post "unanswered" for too long... LOL!
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