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Where's the oh-so popular ABF report?

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Nobody gots anything to report? Were waiting for those HUGE weights!
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Im not sure what won it but there wer eonly a few more teams weighing in and so fat the top weight was 12-almost 13 lbs. Next best was 5 something...a few teams (about 3 or 4) had 5 pounds. A lot of little fish caught though. I will post a report in a few. It was windy as hell and getting a little dangerous at the end, around 1.
I am sure that the local swim shop will be selling alot of wet suits to fishermen in the next few days.

Jason the lake wasnt that bad, hell kurt and I ran the salt end to the tonto end 3-4 times after the wind picked up. Kurt got a little damp while I was getting on plane but we didnt get wet.
Ask kurt I have 2 speeds either off or on no matter how hard it rains or how much wind there is.
I am sure glad I bought this cajun cause if we had to fish out of kurts skeeter or my ranger we would have gotten a tad wet and bounced around alot. we fished in the middle of the lake around 2pm and water never came over the bow, granted it was hard to keep the spoon on the bottom.
I think its time to get a bigger trolling motor, the one that came with it is only a 56lb thrust it didnt do a bad job for wind but would have been nicer with a 107. in the wind its to big of a boat for a 56 even a 74.

The bilge pump ran constantly while I was waiting for him to get the truck.


Yeah dan had the TM on full blast while I was getting the truck and wasnt going anywhere. I knew those guys out there spooning were getting fish....we saw one guy reeling in a fish, fighting the TM and trying to not fall in while bouncing over the waves. THATS multi-tasking at its finest!
fished it w/ only a 3.3 for our effort. must have caught 30+ fish just no overs like the majority. winning team caught 9 overs for 12 (ownership!). 2nd had 8+. 94 boats with a couple teams (i believe 4/5)in the top 10 with $2000+ payday (one had $4000+) alot more w/ $1000 plus. payed up to 18pl. right now this is the circuit. oh 1stpl. & 1st big fish had to do polygraphs f.y.i. saw splitshot & delw teams. ltr.
And they say fishing is an easy sport LMAO


Delw, i do not know which route you took to the salt end. When i went there at 1400 hrs right infront of Sallymae the swells were 4 foot and over.i hit them at 50 and it was more like a glider than a boat i had the engine out of the water 3 times. I have been in some nasty shit and that area ranked in the top 10. Pleasant 2 years ago in Aug with a 10 foot storm surge rated #1 wind was so bad it lifted a 20 foot pontoon boat out of the water and flipped it upside down. had 18 boats sunk that day.
oh we saw the waves we were just pulling out of that big long cove across from windy hill. that camoed duck boat left then we saw him coming right back a few mins later. thats when we left and saw boats tossing and turning. only one guy had the balls to head out of the cove and then he kinda turned around, kurt and I both said oh shit, but needed more fish so we went straight for the dam, never got the motor out of the water. I wasnt able to look at kurt to see if he shit his pants or not :roll: cause I was watching the waves.
LAter When I was waiting for kurt to get the truck I saw one guy coming from the dam, his boat went straight up in the air and came splashing down hard. I thought for sure he was going to loose it. he made it back but was a little wet.


yeah that was a fun ride back...Dan started stressin a little, but after that first 3 footer came over the boat BROADSIDE, we called it A day and made it in as the 1st team to weigh in! Good call on his part, it would have sucked trying to get the boat on the trailer w/ a few other boats next to us. Next tourney is a different story! 8)
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