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Which lake for catfishing?

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I may go fishin tomorrow for cats and i Can't help but wonder which lake of these 3 is best for catfishing. Apache, Canyon, or bartlett. I will prolly be shore fishin so any good spots will help. also, What should I use for bait? Shrimp, worms, or live bluegills?
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Depends on what kind of catfish your looking to catch.....

Flatheads go to Bartlett, if your looking for a bunch of channels go to Canyon.
Bartlett probably. If you are looking to catch some flatheads than use bluegill or carp, livers and shrimp for channels.
If you want to try for some blue cats in canyon, send me a pm.
Contact B&M Guide service....they are experts when it comes to catfish, they also know the urban ponds also

Yeah I agree with them depends on what you want. For large cats(flatheads) go to Bart but for numbers go to canyon. Sag I heard is doing pretty good also. I would use Live bluegill for the flats and shrimp or anchovies for channels. I have found no matter where I go anchovies have worked for the cats. To test this I also went to ponds and had a much better result in size and #s. Good luck.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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