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Who has a Humminbird 997si...need to ask a favor...

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Mine is not recognizing my transducer. Can I bring the head unit to your place, plug it in and see if it recognizes yours? I want to at least do that before I replace transducers, just incase it is the head unit not reading it.
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Has it been working, but quit?

If it's a new unit you're just setting set, there's a "Transducer Select" sub-menu in the main Sonar menu.

It came on a boat I bought. The previous owner told me there was something wrong with it not reading the transducer and it just started a few weeks ago.

When I power it up, I get the message "Transducer Not Connected". It then automatically goes into demo mode. This is accurate with what the instruction manual said would happen if the trasducer was not connected.

I checked the connection from the cable to the head unit and it appears to be broken pins or damage.

Is there only one wire that runs from the transducer to the head unit or is there a connection somewhere? I am assuming that it is one long wire...

I hate messing with transducers and having to run cable, especially if that is not the problem :blink:
The HB cable that plugs into the unit is only a few feet long and connects to a long cable that runs to the transducer. Pull the panel behind the shift control box & you can check that connection. Some installations have a splitter cable, one leg going to the SI skimmer xducer, the other leg to a shoot-through xducer in the bilge.

A good resource for this kind of question is the Sonar forum at Bass Boat Central

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